Providing Free Tutoring

At The Education Project, we’re driven to make a real difference in students’ lives! 

We are a passionate, volunteer-run organization that offers free one-on-one virtual tutoring to minority and low-income K-12 students.

Our mission is to support students’ academic success and facilitate pathways for college and career readiness through personalized tutoring and mentorship

By tapping into the power of tutors, building strong partnerships with schools, and embracing technology, we’re creating an engaging and supportive learning experience for students who need it the most. 

Together, let’s unlock your full potential and pave the way to a brighter future!


How it Works


After you fill out the form, we’ll match you with a suitable teacher. We will reach out via email with your teacher information. From there the tutor will set up the first appointment where they will discuss your requirements, any school curriculum provided, and educational goals.

*this form is to be completed by a parent or guardian for students under 18



Fill out the tutor form with your information and the areas that you are comfortable tutoring. We require proof regarding your background (unofficial transcript or proof of employment). Once your application gets processed, we’ll set up a virtual orientation to get you up to speed with the do’s and don’ts of this project.


Our Methodology

We use IXL Learning for a majority of our tutoring efforts, empasizing a personalized approach to education and improvement for all of our students. 

As a trusted tool, we combine IXL with the talent of our tutor pool to offer the best experience possible — always free

Where Our Tutors Come From


"The Education Project has give my son a chance to continue his school assignments with the help of his tutor. I have a little relief knowing his education is being enhanced while traditional school is on break. I hope to continue this once school resumes as educational reinforcement. The gift that the Education Project is providing is priceless.”

- A Mother

"Through The Education Project I have been able to connect with students across the nation to tutor them and to provide any additional help with subjects like English, Math, and Science during the onset of the new system of remote learning. Being able to volunteer a service to others during this trying time, to facilitate students’ understanding of concepts, and to further their learning even when it seems like their world has turned upside down is truly a rewarding experience."

- Tutor, UCF


Yes, there is no charge to receive tutoring. This service is free now and will remain free in the future.

Due to the high demand during this time, it takes about a week to assign a tutor. We will reach out to the email you provided. We ask that you respond as soon as you can when the tutor reaches out. If there is no response for 3 days, we will reassign the tutor to another student and you will have to reapply. 

We tutor students who are currently enrolled from kindergarten to 12th grade.

Our number one commitment is towards the safety and privacy of our students. All of our tutors go through a 2-step verification process. The first step is to verify their background and experience. We review the transcripts for all tutors and employment details for professionals. The second step is the onboarding process, where interview tutors about their background and confirm their experiences.

All data entered into our online form gets stored in a secure online database. We do not ask for the student’s physical address or anything hinting at their location. The student’s application is only shared with their assigned tutor.

Yes, you can tutor. Just provide us with proof of your acceptance into a post-high school program. 

This was started on March 23, 2020.

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